Portland-Based Immuno-oncology Expert Dr. Bernard A. Fox To Present at NobleCon’s 14th Annual Investor Conference

January 30, 2018
Contact: Patricia Pearson, ppearson@ubivac.com

Fort Lauderdale, Fla.—Dr. Bernard A. Fox, internationally known expert in immuno-oncology and chief executive officer, UbiVac, www.ubivac.com, will today present to investors with details of the company’s recent strides in treating patients with advanced cancer. Dr. Fox will rely on results experienced in Ubivac’s clinical and preclinical trials.

According to Dr. Fox, immunotherapy is the most promising new technology for treatment and eventual cure of cancer. “It is revolutionizing the treatment of cancer. Last year alone the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) granted 20 approvals for immunotherapies to treat many types of cancer,” Dr. Fox said.

But more research is urgently needed, he added. “While some patients have remarkable and durable responses to immunotherapy, these therapies fail many patients. It is becoming increasingly clear that these failures are due to a patient’s immune system not recognizing their cancer as a foreign invader. UbiVac’s first-in-class vaccine technology engages autophagy (natural destruction of a cell’s components) to create a vaccine that educates the immune system to attack cancer cells as invaders.

“UbiVac’s next clinical trial will build on recent FDA approvals to combine their vaccine with an immune booster and a checkpoint blocker. This combination is designed to educate and supercharge the cancer destroying powers of the immune system and take off the brakes,” Dr. Fox continued.

“This will be the first trial of this strategy, which is highly effective in preclinical trials,” Fox said.

More than 12 years of research by UbiVac and its collaborators have shown a variety of anti-cancer applications for UbiVac’s patented DRibble vaccine, in both clinical and preclinical trials. The company also has worked, in collaboration with partners, to develop vaccines to intercept cancer.

NeoCon14 takes place on January 29-30 and will feature, for the first time, a Micro-Cap Showcase allowing investors with an emerging growth strategy the opportunity to evaluate more than 50 pre-public stage and public companies seeking financing.

Conference organizer, Noble, is a research-driven investment bank with a focus on small cap companies in healthcare, technology and other sectors. Investment secured at NeoCon14 could help those companies move forward more quickly with their research and commercialization.

“NeoCon is to be congratulated for creating a special category for companies like UbiVac this year. I am especially encouraged to be presenting to those who have a specific interest in cancer research and other companies in a growth stage similar to ours,” Dr. Fox said.

Award Number R44CA121612 from the National Cancer Institute supports the research and clinical trial of DPV-001 in patients with NSCLC. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health.

UbiVac is a clinical stage Immuno-Ongology company engaged in development of immunotherapies to combat cancer. UbiVac’s DPV-001 recently completed a Phase II randomized multi-center adjuvant study for non-small cell lung cancer that documented efficacy for induction or boosting of broad anti-cancer immunity. Based on these data UbiVac is planning to open a phase Ib/II study of DPV-001 + anti-OX40 in patients with advanced cancer. UbiVac has ongoing preclinical and discovery programs using DRibble and spread-defective Cytomegalovirus (sdCMV). Founded in Portland, Ore. in 2005 by Drs. Bernard A. Fox and Hong Ming Hu, UbiVac is a spinout of the Robert W. Franz Cancer Research Center, Earle A. Chiles Research Institute at Providence Portland Medical Center. In 2011 UbiVac, in cooperation with Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), created UbiVac CMV to license sdCMV.

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